Our Scrap Metal Dealing Policy

By law, sites must be registered with the local authority as scrap metal dealers, under the Scrap Metal Dealer Act (SMDA).

The Local Authority Need to Know:

  • Our company name
  • Our company registered office address
  • Our local site trading address
  • That we deal as a corporate body, i.e. a company

You Must Record the Following Details on All Purchase Tickets:

  • Description and weight of the scrap received
  • Data and time of the scrap receipt
  • Full name and address of the customer supplying the scrap
  • The price paid (or estimate of the price to be paid) for the scrap
  • The registration number of the vehicle delivering the scrap

Site managers hold and maintain a copy of the valid SMDA registration certificate.

Tackling Metal Theft and Protecting Local Communities

In light of recent, serious incidents of local theft, we are putting the following additional internal checks into place.

  • Foot traffic and taxis are not allowed onto the premises and should be turned away
  • If a customer is not known and/or we have any suspicion as to the origin of the goods, we will ask for identification and for details of the source of the material
  • If appropriate identification cannot be produced, you will be turned away and asked to return with suitable identification.
  • We DO NOT accept any branded cable, e.g. BT, British or Network Rail, or any beer kegs, unless in accordance with established internal policy and procedures for such material.
  • If we believe goods may be stolen, you will be turned away and we will contact the local Police.

None of these additional steps are intended to discourage our traditional and repeat customers, or to adversely impact on business. However, we have to act legally and protect our business reputation. It is not in our interests or the community in which we operate, to encourage those who may have acted criminally.

Our Policy is applied using the simple premise: If in doubt, turn away.

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