All organisations today have a duty to ensure they are addressing social, economic and environmental issues, whilst minimising the potential impact on their finances. It is vital to ensure that Corporate Social Responsibility makes economic sense.

At Sims Metal we know about these challenges and as a global leader we use new technology developments to meet and exceed the increasing requirements for higher recycling and recovery rates.

Global leader in electronics and metals recycling

Sims Metal is the world’s leading electronics and metal recycling company. We are global leaders in the secure and sustainable management of metals from industry, trade and the wider community. With an annual turnover exceeding £5 billion and hundreds of sites across the world, our performance and leadership on environmental, social and governance policies has seen us listed as one of the Global Top 100 Most Sustainable Corporations.

We operate from over 200 sites spanning five continents, with over 40 metals recycling sites in the UK. Globally, the business has over 100 years of experience in metals recycling and lead the way in technology development to achieve higher recycling and recovery rates.

Globally, Sims Metal recovers and recycles over 14 million tonnes of scrap metal a year of which two million tonnes is handled in the UK alone. We turn vehicles, machinery, building materials and a whole host of other domestic and industrial items into useful commodities that can be re-used in manufacturing new products. This saves the energy and environmental costs associated with producing materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and glass from virgin sources. Our metals recycling processes produce maximum value and the highest grade of recycled metals for re-use in manufacturing. This ensures we can provide customers with very competitive prices.

More Than Just A Metal Recycler

Our investment into advanced processes, extensive logistics, continuous business improvement, highly skilled and trained employees and wholly owned recycling facilities means that we are more than your average metals scrap yard. The high grade materials which we produce for reuse in manufacturing, saves the energy and environmental costs associated with mining for raw materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and glass.

Our sister company, Sims Lifecycle Services specialise in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling and IT and computer refurbishment, reuse and recycling.

Safety and compliance

As a world leader in waste management and recycling, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are fully compliant with Duty of Care regulations and relevant site and waste carrier licences. All our activities are fully traceability for auditing purposes. Health and safety is a high priority for Sims Metal , our customers, employees, visitors and contractors. All of our drivers and site operatives are trained in key health and safety practices and a growing number of our UK locations are achieving ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management certification.


As the world’s leading metals recycler, we have the people and expertise to provide a truly professional international service. But above all, we are here to help your business, with sound, practical advice; whether you are a large organisation or a small operation that simply wants to survive and thrive.

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