industrial site demolition

Demolition Scrap

Do you have a demolition project that requires metal structure demolition and removal? Sims is fully equipped to support the heavy lifting of handling metal demolition, supporting logistics, removal and recycling.

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metal building

Site Clearance

Planning to decommission one of your factories or industrial sites? We work side by side with your team to facilitate metal removal including labor, lifting equipment, metal collection, removal and recycling.

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utility meter

Utility Equipment

Need a partner in decommissioning major utility infrastructure? Sims has extensive experience in decommissioning and recycling oil tank farms and refineries, metal pipes and fittings, water tower demolition and other utility equipment.

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Need Demolition Services?

Are you a business requiring demolition services? Sims has a huge network of local, national and international demolition contractors? Contact Will Hodgson, Demolition Contracts Manager.

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