Metal Collection and Recycling

Sims Metal provides:

  • Convenient drop off and pick up of roll-off containers for metal scrap
  • Containers and bins sized to meet your needs
  • Multi-site location support with over 200 metal scrap processing sites
  • Convenient drop off and pick up of skips and containers for metal scrap

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10 Cubic Yard Skip

8’W x 4’H x 12’L

Used for small, heavy metals such as:
Steel machine punchings
Small, heavy gauge steel plate
Large quantities of nuts and bolts
Sealed compressor units

20 Cubic Yard Rolonof Container

8’W x 5’H x 15’L

Used for less compact heavy gauge metal such as:
Short lengths of heavy gauge pipe
Short lengths of angle iron
Short lengths of I beam
Short lengths of bundled rebar
Brake drums and rotors

30 Cubic Yard Rolonof Container

8’W x 6’H x 18’L

used for larger pieces of heavier metal such as :
Automotive rear ends
Loose rebar
Lighter gauge steel skeleton plate (busheling)
Pallet racking
Aluminum motors and transmissions
Steel and aluminum wheels

40 Cubic Yard Rolonof Container

8’W x 7’H x 20’L

Typically used for lighter gauge, higher volume metal such as:
Lawn mowers (drained of all fluids)
Car hoods or doors
Aluminum skeleton plate
Corrugated steel roofing
Store shelving

50 Cubic Yard Rolonof Container

8’W x 8’H x 22’L

Typically used for the lightest gauge/heaviest volume metal such as:
File cabinets
Lawn furniture
Steel and aluminum gutters
Computer towers

4’x 4’ Industrial forklift bin

48”A x 42”B x 48”C

Typically used for small pieces of non-ferrous metals such as:
Aluminum chips
Aluminum cut-offs
Brass water meters
Small copper solids
Insulated copper wire
Stainless steel fittings

4’x 6’ Industrial forklift

72”A x 48”B x 48”B

Typically used for non-ferrous metals such as:
Heavy gauge copper wire (insulated or not)
Heavy gauge aluminum wire (insulated or not)
Extruded aluminum up to 6ft in length
Copper pipe up to 6ft in length
Stainless/copper/aluminum cookware

Skips and Containers for Metal Manufacturer Scrap

Our service to the manufacturing industry includes fast, efficient and reliable collection and removal of scrap material.  Sims provides a full range of roll on off containers as well as bulk tippers, flatbeds and curtain-sided vehicles as required.  Sims routes and schedules trucks to pick up your scrap material so it will not interfere with your production.

Sims provides skips and containers for short terms projects for collection and recycling of metals arising from waste streams, demolition and site clearance projects. All necessary labour, lifting and handling equipment and transport is managed by Sims, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your business. Commitment, service levels and integrity are the building blocks of Sims Metal’s business across all our services.

  • Site Clearance – Metal Equipment & Infrastructure
  • Certified Destruction of Recalled Equipment (lockable bins available)

Metal Scrap Containers

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