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Payment Options

Sims payment options for scrap metal:

  1. Account payment via BACS: For Sims Account Customers only.
  2. Visa Debit card payment: Direct into your bank account, maximum payment is £5,000.
  3. Cheque payment: Maximum value £5,000. We can authorise larger cheques upon special request.
  4. Cheque Cashing: Some of our sites offer a cheque cashing service onsite via Cheque Exchange Limited (CEL).

These are explained further below:

Account payment via BACS

If you become a Sims Account Customer you will get your payment via BACS payment, choose between a Non-VAT or VAT account, reduced time on site and a more professional relationship with Sims.

Visa debit card payment

  1. After you have unloaded your materials and the approach weighbridge for payment, you will need your photo ID, proof of address and your Visa debit card to hand
  2. If you do not have a Visa debit card, you will be paid by cheque, see below for how this works
  3. If you have a Visa debit card then the weighbridge operator will begin the transaction using the card machine
  4. The process will follow a similar process to when you are purchashing goods in a shop
  5. A white card will also be swiped, this is the Sims operators' card and part of the authorisation process
  6. The operator will complete the transaction, crediting your bank account
  7. A receipt will be given to you for you to sign
  8. You will NOT be asked to enter your pin code
  9. Your signature will be checked against your Visa debit card
  10. You will then be given a receipt, your invoice and your debit card
  11. Sims will retain your signed receipt, a copy of the invoice and link your transaction to the material you brought in
  12. Your payment will be in your bank account within 2 - 3 days

Please note:

  • If the transaction is greater than £5,000, for security reasons, the weighbridge operator will have to break your transaction up over multiple payments. Why don't you set up a Sims account and get paid by BACS?
  • Sims will not retain your bank card details.
  • If you do not have a Visa debit card, or your card transaction fails, Sims will write you a cheque.

Cheque payment

  1. The weighbridge operator will produce a cheque for the relevant amount.
  2. For transactions above £500, the cheque will have to be countersigned by another Sims employee.
  3. The cheque number will be entered into our systems to link the transaction with the receipt of material.
  4. A copy of the cheque will be taken and saved by Sims. This is a legal requirement of the cashless system.
  5. You will then be handed the original cheque along with your Invoice

Please note, Sims is only able to authorise cheques for transactions below £5,000. For value more than this we recommend setting up a Sims account so we can pay you by BACS.

Cheque cashing

Some of Sims’ sites are now operating as agents of Cheque Exchange Limited (CEL). These sites are able to immediately exchange your personal cheque for cash, for a 2% administration charge. We cannot cash Company cheques. All sites which offer this service will have clear instructions at the weighbridge office.

How it works:

  1. Advise: Tell the weighbridge operator you would like to cash your cheque
  2. Present acceptable Identification (ID): The cheque cashing process acceptable ID is either a passport or a Photocard Driving License AND a separate proof of address which is less than 3 months old. You will need to present your identification (ID) documents if your previous ID is more than 3 months old.
  3. ID accepted: If your ID is accepted we will complete a form which identifies you, the cheque value and the administration charge.
  4. Contract: This transaction form is the Contract between you and CEL which you should read and fully understand. By signing this document you are confirming that you are happy that the transaction should continue. Once signed, return the form to the weighbridge operator.
  5. Signature checked and cash provided: Your signature will then be checked against your ID and if satisfied they will give you the cash amount and retain your cheque.
  6. CEL account card issued: You will be issued with a CEL account card which you should retain and present with your next transaction thereby avoiding all the ID checks as we will already have you registered within the system.

We apologise for any inconvenience but this process will take longer to complete than other payment methods due to the extra administration.

Please note: Cheque Cashing is fully compliant with the legal requirements of Cashless Payments and Operation Tornado. Sims Metal Management is operating as an agent of Cheque Exchange Limited.

Sims Metal Management has decided to offer this service in response to market demand. However we have thoroughly satisfied ourselves via the Police, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs and our lawyers that this route is fully compliant with the requirements of the LASPO Bill with regard to cash payments.

Sims has spent some time examining the various cheque cashing options before agreeing to partner CEL in this new service to our suppliers. CEL part of the highly reputable Provident Financial PLC, market leaders in the field of High Street cheque encashment. CEL’s systems are fully compliant with the relevant Money Laundering Regulations and provide a full audit trail should this information be requested by the Authorities.

Data protection

Any identification taken as part of your transaction will be securely treated in line with the Data Protection Act. Sims Group UK Limited works to the highest Corporate Governance standards, and is compliant with legislation such as the Data Protection Act. Your information will be protected in line with these requirements

Have more questions?

Email or call 0800 008 7223 to find out more about cashless scrap metal trading with Sims Metal Management.

Alternatively contact your local Sims Metal Management metal recycling site.